Authentic Japanese Cuisine in South Florida

Sushi Rolls

The Best Sushi Restaurants in South Florida Right Now

With summer at its peak, eating in the heat isn’t always easy — unless it involves booze. But no matter how steamy it is outside, sushi is always a sure bet. Here are our eight favorites in South Florida right now. 5. Yakko-San Located in a North Miami Beach strip mall, this nonchalant gem boasts a mighty menu of both …

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Where to Eat in Miami After 2 AM

We’ve all been there: The booze is flowing, your feet are going and before you know it, your stomach’s snarling. Head to any of these late-night spots to fuel up and — fingers crossed — prevent a hangover. Yakko-San Finding an after-hours hangout in North Miami Beach isn’t always easy, but thankfully there’s this Japanese gem hiding in a quiet …