Authentic Japanese Cuisine in South Florida

Welcome to Yakko San


From a humble beginning in Yamaguchi City, Japan, owner Hiroshi Shigetomi first arrived in the United States some30 years ago. With his cousin as partner, Hiro as he is affectionately known opened his first Japanese restaurant in Miami in 1983.

The popularity of his unique cuisine grew quickly and after ten years in 1993, Hiro opened a bigger restaurant on NE 163rd Street in North Miami Beach, which today is under different ownership. Continued success led to the launching of Yakko-san Japanese Restaurant in 2000 which is without sushi menu and a kind of Japanese kitchen with all gourmet foods, freshest sashimi where it remains very popular among locals as well as restaurant employees looking for wholesome late night supper.

Ask for crispy bok Choy or kawahagi grilled trigger fish, not found in other Japanese restaurants.  Vegetarians can select from 14 different veggie dishes like yaki nasu – grilled Asian eggplant or the delectable shitake-enoki-oyster mushroom cooked in its own tasty juices. For meat lovers, order Dice steak or the kalbee yakiniku – grilled short ribs or the seared beef tataki with garlic vinaigrette sauce. For the more adventurous, try grilled beef tongue.


Yakko-San-Dish-of-Pork-Onion-SaladJapan’s signature noodles dishes are “Ramen” noodles soup and Yakko-san has many to offer like stir- fried seafood and veggies over crispy noodles or angel hair with uni and ikura. Equally popular is sautéed noodles (yaki udon) with beef, pork or shrimp. A variety of fresh raw fish awaits the sashimi or whole fish which are everyday got it from local fisher man, like Hog snapper, mutton snapper, yellow jack, scorpion fish, orange clam, live conch, Florida Lobster sashimi which is customer reserve for. Sample the wide selection of sake from the moderately priced cherry blossom-flavored Ohka to premium sake like Jumai Ginjo, jumai Chu, Dai ginjo who love to drink sake different level. Well-known Japanese beer like Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo are plentiful or simply ask for hot or cold green tea.

Walk into the restaurant and you are immediately greeted by a loud “Irashaimase” by the chefs and the entire Yakko-san team, adding warmth and friendliness to the place. May Shigetomi, Hiro’s attractive wife is often seen greeting and mingling with customers. The couple also owns Hiro’s Sushi Express, a small but highly successful take out, eat-in and delivery sushi restaurant located next door to Yakko-san and commercial,one franchises in and South Beach with more to come.

The latest exciting addition to Hiro’s family of restaurants is “Yakko Sushi” which opened to much fanfare on December 22, 2008 at the five star ‘Acqualina Ocean Resort and Spa’ on NE 178th and Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach.  It is open seven days from 5:00 pm to 11:00pm.

The 2008 edition of Food & Wines Magazine “ World best Restaurant” Zagat’s “America’s Top Japanese Restaurant”, Miami herald “Best late night” Ocean drive magazine “ The best 100 restaurant”  describes Hiro’s Yakko-san Japanese Restaurant as a “treasure hidden in North Miami Beach,” serving superlative and authentic Japanese cuisine that is the envy of other Japanese restaurants.